Hello, my name is Jasmine and I created this site for my final project for Hist 390. I began the site construction by picking a theme. I chose the Astra theme, after playing around with many others, because it enabled me to customize everything important to me. I was able to choose from hundreds of fonts and colors for my pages of text, links, and background. I ultimately chose this theme because it provided me with a clean, organized, and easily navigable website.

The color scheme I chose consisted of red, black, and gray. I chose light gray as the background color because darker colors make it difficult to read the text. I chose black for my text color because it makes the reading easier than bold, bright colors. Red was the best option for my link color. It provided the best pop of color to my simple color scheme, without distracting from the main point of my project. Since Evelyn’s story and the Harry Thaw trials involved some serious events, I didn’t want to make my website too cheery and bright. 

I didn’t face many challenges with research, as I drew from some the studies I had already conducted on the subject. However, creating a subject to focus my digital elements around was a bit of a challenge. It was difficult to find a subject which could produce data involving this case. I chose to focus my digital elements on sexual assault within the timeframe of the case, as it was a reoccurring event in Evelyn’s story. I also didn’t know much about sexual assault in the early 1900’s, and thought it would be interesting to cover since the women’s rights movement was ongoing around this time. After weeding through many websites, I was surprised to find data concerning it. The graphs I created weren’t extensive, but I think I was able to get the point across.

Although I talked about my argument in the final project proposal, forming my argument in a way that could be evidenced was a bit of a challenge. It took some contextual thinking, and the analyzation of certain events to get my argument across. I chose to write the site from a biographical viewpoint, because I don’t think Evelyn’s side of the story can be fully understood without knowing background knowledge about her. Overall, the construction of this site was a lengthy, but enjoyable process.