My name is Charles R. Babcock and I am currently majoring in History at George Mason University. In researching the trial of John D. Lee and the Mountain Meadows Massacre, I uncovered a vast amount of information. In forming my conclusion, I limited the bias’ from those who have previously investigated these events. In constructing visual elements, such as the timelines and charts, I chose to keep data and statistics to a minimum.

I am indebted to the extensive research of Juanita Brooks in her published work and lectures. Her examination of both the events at Mountain Meadows and her ability to gain information from within the Church of Latter-day Saints proved invaluable in understanding Mormon thought surrounding this tragedy.

The most challenging aspect in assembling this site involved the data and analysis extraction from the countless newspapers who published articles on the event. After analyzing and researching nearly 200 press articles and primary source documents, I formed my argument regarding the fear and hostility felt by Mormon migrants and the pressure being exerted upon the Utah territory from the United States government.