The policies of the United States have not changed since the Obama administration had begun its participation in the ASP’s and with the current President Elect Donald Trump and his tough stance against the support the United States has been given to organizations such as the United Nations and the NATO alliance, it remains to be seen how the President elect will further negotiate the terms and conditions of the participation and potential signing and ratification to become a office member state of the ICC.

Much has been done in the development of human rights since the days of the Nuremberg trials, still, the reluctance of the United States joining the ICC as a member state for reason of fear that an American national could be held accountable for their crime by the ICC is worrisome. After all, “At Nuremberg, the German law of the Nazi period played no role as a basis for prosecution. It was international law on which the IMT relied”.1 Although in the decades following the Nuremberg trial, the world as a whole has changed and has recognized the importance of preserving the rights of human kid, I believe much more work remains unfinished in ensuring atrocious crimes, genocide will cease and the principle of human rights will be preserved.