Evelyn Thaw

In 1906, wealthy millionaire Harry K. Thaw murdered Stanford White during a musical on the rooftop of Madison Square Garden.1The motive for the murder has been attributed to a combination of Harry Thaw’s deteriorating mental state and severe jealousy of Stanford White. Although Thaw was the only participant in White’s murder, his wife, Evelyn Nesbit, was also displayed as a culpable factor during his trials.

Evelyn Nesbit was the mutual tie between Stanford White and Harry Thaw. The nature of her relationships with both men brought media attention to her early life and moral standing. On this site I will explain how her upbringing may have influenced her relationship decisions. I will also reveal how she was sexualized from a young age and exploited by her mother. Ultimately, I will discuss how the previous elements affected her portrayal during her husband’s trial.